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New photos and information has been received about Jason Alvin Hines, a dangerous fugitive wanted in Mesa Arizona for multiple counts of molesting children. Please take time to look at the several tattoos that this fugitive has on his body. Jason Hines may be wearing long sleeves to conceal his mediocre body art.

Dangerous fugitive Jason Alvin Hines tattoos. source: facebook/investigateaz

We have received several leads that are getting us closer to this dangerous fugitive. If you have any information please leave a tip at

Your tip may save another innocent child from being molested.

New Leads Received

on the location of Jason Alvin Hines are getting us closer to putting this major scumbag behind bars, where he belongs.

Since the airing of news articles such as Investigation Discovery In Pursuit story and other websites links have provided new photos of this fugitive, we have been able to further our goal of capturing this accused child molester.

Other interesting background information can be found on the Cold Case Chronicles Podcast Jason and Sandee Hines

Where is Jason Alvin Hines ?

Where do you start looking for a low-life scumbag?

First, one must take into account that in the United States, an accused person is considered innocent until proven guilty in a Court of Law. However innocent persons usually want their day in court to clear their name.

Another possible scenario is that the accused has committed many more crimes. In the case of Jason Alvin Hines there exists the possibility that the accused has MOLESTED many more CHILDREN and is afraid that these additional victims will now come forward with their testimony.

Statistics show that a large number of Child sexual abuse crimes are unreported.

"How many child sexual abuse reports result in arrests?
FACT: A large number of those arrested for child sexual assault are convicted and serve time in prison or
While the rate of conviction is high, arrests are made in only 29% of child sexual abuse cases and are 32% more
likely to be made in incidents involving older children. For children under six, only 19% of sexual abuse incidents
result in arrest.9
• Of those charged, about 80% of rape offenders (including rapists of adults) are convicted.27
• An estimated 48% of rape defendants (including rapes of adults) were released from detention prior to the
disposition of their case. Only defendants charged with murder had a lower rate of release (24%) than those
for whom rape charges were ending.11
• About 14% of those convicted of rape were convicted in a jury trial, but for most defendants (82%), conviction
followed a guilty plea. The remaining 4% were convicted following a bench trial.11
• Overall, 87% of convicted rapists (including rapists of adults) were incarcerated, and about 13% received a
sentence to probation supervision in the community.11
• For convicted rapists sentenced to prison (not local jails), the average term imposed was just under 14 years.
An estimated 2% of convicted rapists received a term of life imprisonment.11
• For each convicted rape offender in a prison or jail, there are nearly 3 rape offenders under probation or
parole supervision in the community.11"

Source: Darkness to Light Child Sexual Abuse Statistics

Cautiously weighing all the evidence, one may come to the conclusion that Jason Alvin Hines is a dangerous fugitive that must be apprehended. In this case, the cunning fugitive may be hiding in plain sight and may in fact be your kind neighbor that offers his help on occasions, for example picking up kids from school or taking them to the park with his children.

Taking down a major fugitive is a daunting task. Jason Alvin Hines is being tracked by the United States Marshals Fugitive Task Force. This elite group is tasked with bringing the most dangerous and elusive fugitives to justice. This is their special calling and they will not stop until he is arrested and placed in a jail cell where a fugitive belongs.

Since its creation, the US Marshals Service has consistently been the premier agency for capturing fugitives. For example “In 2012, U.S. marshals captured over 36,000 federal fugitives and cleared over 39,000 fugitive warrants.[21] So they certainly know how to deal with the criminal types such as Jason Alvin Hines. If you have any information on this fugitive, do the right thing and leave a tip. You can remain anonymous.